Outdoor Shelter Maintenance Web App

This project is an HTML5 mobile web application that is an administration tool to facilitate trail and shelter maintenance for outdoor clubs. The shelters and lean-tos of the Green Mountain Club of Vermont were used as demonstration data and proof of concept.

Technologies used were HTML5, CSS, Javascript, jQuery Mobile, jQuery, PHP, and MySQL. It was built using the jQuery Mobile framework which will allow it to be viewed across the majority of mobile devices and tablets. The application was written with standards-based Web technologies.

Alanna Mallon – Cambridge City Council Candidate

Worked with the candidate to build her online presence which included:

  • Connecting her social media
  • Creating posts based off her mentions in the media
  • Creating NGP VAN sign-up forms for volunteering and donating
  • Creating the color scheme from her logo
  • Creating an HTML e-mail template based off of the new site